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With FLEX**, you pay only for the services you need. When you need more attorney support, FLEX adjusts your plan for you.
You will be billed according to your usage, and reverted to the Basic Plan at the start of each month.
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Share your subscription with one or more attorneys in your law firm
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Dodge Legal Group, Dallas, TX
You and your team rock for such a fast turnaround time!! Thank you so much!!! P.S. My clients are going to love this — these facts are better than a movie!!
Partner, WCH Law Group, California
Using LegalEase has been revolutionary for my firm. Having access highly qualified legal support services for to help me manage my practice, has allowed my firm to be agile.
2012 Top 50 Super Lawyers
I was very impressed and happy with the Memorandum that you prepared … The Memorandum was exactly on point and answered all of my questions. I will not hesitate to use your services again.
Partner, Barone Law Offices, PLC, Detroit
I highly recommend LegalEase Solutions to any busy attorney. I gave them a complex multi-jurisdictional legal question and got a very detailed memorandum in a short period of time. Great work! I will definitely use them again.
Richey and Richey Injury Lawyers
I have been working with Legalease Solutions for over a year. This legal service has been such a blessing. As a full-time working mother, I often time needs additional legal assistance with drafting and pleading preparation. I have found Legalease Solutions and their staff diligent and their work product effective without breaking a small law firm's budget. I would highly recommend Legalease Solutions when you need an "extra" legal hand!


Legal Services

Law Firm

LegalEase swiftly adapts its team to fit seamlessly with At Law Group, turning around volume work quickly and efficiently. The firm is now free to focus on growth and more profitable tasks.

The attorneys at a Michigan law firm are consumed by lengthy case preparation documents on a daily basis. The law firm’s primary clients are intervening plaintiffs such as transport companies, doctors and corporate firms that have provided services to injured parties who have submitted no-fault insurance claims after automobile accidents. 



The firm approached LegalEase to relieve them of the time spent on wading through these extensive documents. LegalEase dedicated a team of attorneys to routinely provide Long and Short case evaluation summaries to the firm with attached case captions. They also read and assess the billing information submitted by the medical providers and/or transportation companies, highlight relevant parts and summarize them. Because of the timely and incisive summaries drafted by the LegalEase attorneys, the law firm has streamlined its summary delivery process, increasing its ability to concentrate on other core projects. 


An attorney in Ohio whose practice had been expanding, needed extra help in conducting research and drafting relating to his cases. He had to spent time on multiple cases making it difficult to concentrate on more pressing work.



LegalEase staff attorney had discussions with the attorney, understood his requirements and identified the support services LegalEase could provide for the smooth management of his cases. LegalEase manages to complete the attorney’s research and drafting requests, in conformity with his writing and formatting requirements and complete the work quickly and efficiently. Now, this attorney has been relying heavily on LegalEase’s research and writing services for 10 years.


American Nurses Association (ANA) is an organization that primarily aims to provide improved patient care throughout the country by supporting both individuals and organizations to advance the nursing profession to promote the best chance of success. ANA required a multinational survey for one of its US clients on the potential legal implications of collecting certain health data free of facial identifiers from hospitals in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Australia, UK, France, and Germany. The data collection involved collection of aggregated and de-identified health care data. 



LegalEase research associates conducted extensive research on the general privacy regulations involved in collecting the type of data involved for these various jurisdictions within a specified time frame. Using LE support, ANA was able to successfully conduct the research and analysis the various statutes that focused on the potential legal compliance and issues involved in doing business in these countries.




What resources do you use for research?

We use Lexisnexis, Wolters Kluwer, Fastcase and other leading databases to conduct our legal research. Our databases and tools include access to the most recent and updated court rules, laws,  pleading, and  court forms.

Is your service secure and confidential?

We take confidentiality very seriously at LegalEase. We provide the highest levels of security protocols, including military grade security for our data, encryption, conflict checks and confidentiality best practices.

Which practice areas and states do you cover?

We support practice areas across all jurisdictions in the United States. Our clients’ practice areas include, but are not limited to, personal injury, business litigation, real estate, family law, criminal law, bankruptcy, immigration, and more.

What are your hours of operation?

You can get in touch with us 24/7. Typically, an attorney will connect with you live or get back to you within the hour during normal business hours. If your message is received after business hours, an attorney will get in touch no later than 24 hours from your call or email.

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