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Virtual Associate Plans provide the most bang for your buck. If you are a busy lawyer looking to expand your law practice, this is the plan you want. A virtual associate is essentially a commitment from LegalEase to staff your practice with experienced attorneys who will help you conduct legal research, draft legal briefs and more. Your virtual associate is a curated team of attorneys that is trained to adopt your writing style to deliver exactly what you are looking for. Since our staff of lawyers work as a team, the virtual associate service never misses a day due to sick leave or vacation—providing you with ultimate reliability and convenience. 
Our Virtual Associate Plans save you over 50% off of our published rates found on the LegalEase LawStore. You choose the hours that you require and we do the rest, providing you with monthly support based on your needs. Additionally, as a member of our Virtual Associate Plan, your project requests are of top priority to us, and a dedicated account manager will provide you with top-notch customer service. You can subscribe to any of our below Virtual Associate Plans, to get their respective benefits:
50 hours of support

Complimentary access to FormsPass, an online collection of legal forms
80 hours of support

Complimentary access to FormsPass, an online collection of legal forms
Share your subscription with one or more attorneys in your office
Unlimited support*

Complimentary access to FormsPass, an online collection of legal forms
Share your subscription with one or more attorneys in your office
Complimentary 10 hours of practice management consulting with LegalEase
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The research memos you’ve completed for us lately have been very helpful. LegalEase is a major asset to our practice. Thanks for all that you do!
People's Advocate Group P.C
I greatly appreciate the services provided and having worked with LegalEase, I know what an invaluable resource it has been.
F. Harrison Green Co., LPA
LegalEase is a great source for producing legal research, memorandum, briefs and other legal writings. This service has effectively enhanced my time for production to my clients.
Dodge Legal Group, Dallas, TX
You and your team rock for such a fast turnaround time!! Thank you so much!!! P.S. My clients are going to love this — these facts are better than a movie!!
Attorney at Law
Your service saved me on the Motion to Dismiss, and you were prompt. I feel much more confident now that I, as a sole practitioner, can compete with the big Denver divorce firms.
2012 Top 50 Super Lawyers
I was very impressed and happy with the Memorandum that you prepared … The Memorandum was exactly on point and answered all of my questions. I will not hesitate to use your services again.


Legal Services

Law Firm

LegalEase swiftly adapts its team to fit seamlessly with At Law Group, turning around volume work quickly and efficiently. The firm is now free to focus on growth and more profitable tasks.

Rapidly growing practice over-burdens all-star staff



Even though At Law Group has easy-to-use templates for its more routine litigation needs, rapid growth in the numbers of new clients began to over-burden the attorney and support staff, drowning the team in work and stymieing growth potential.



LegalEase consulted with At Law Group attorneys and staff, identified the pain points, and assigned a work group to specifically handle the volume of routine paperwork required using the templates designed by At Law Groups. 
By swiftly adapting its team to fit seamlessly with At Law Group, LegalEase managed to complete these high volumes of work quickly and efficiently. The attorneys and staff of At Law Group are now free to focus on growth and other high-priority tasks. 




What resources do you use for research?

We use Westlaw, Lexisnexis, Wolters Kluwer, Fastcase and other leading databases to conduct our legal research. Our databases and tools include access to the most recent and updated court rules, laws,  pleading, and  court forms.

Is your service secure and confidential?

We take confidentiality very seriously at LegalEase. We provide the highest levels of security protocols, including military grade security for our data, encryption, conflict checks and confidentiality best practices.

Which practice areas and states do you cover?

We support practice areas across all jurisdictions in the United States. Our clients’ practice areas include, but are not limited to, personal injury, business litigation, real estate, family law, criminal law, bankruptcy, immigration, and more.

What are your hours of operation?

You can get in touch with us 24/7. Typically, an attorney will connect with you live or get back to you within the hour during normal business hours. If your message is received after business hours, an attorney will get in touch no later than 24 hours from your call or email.

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